In the world of business and education, presentation is a special skill that is needed now. This is very useful to be able to compete in the business / work world, where you are required to be able to deliver a message that is concise, but meaningful and able to convince listeners. With a variety of learning methods, including; lectures, simulations and coaching.

Hari, Tanggal

20 July 2021 - 20 July 2021


  • Participants are able to learn how to be a good speaker, develop ideas for presentation, and plan a structured presentation
  • Participants are able to train to face the audience when delivering their materials and interact with the audience to liven up their presentation.
  • Participants are able to learn different styles of presentation appropriate for different types of audience.


  • Preparation technique and structured presentation material delivery
  • Self-control techniques (body language, voice, eye contact) and facing audience (making contact, coming up with relevant and interesting ideas, answering question from the audience)
  • Workshop on how to deliver a presentation in a practical and interesting way, feedback from trainers



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